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  • Kjaer Weis Interview


    Just in time for the launch of her new Fall colors, space519's Jim Wetzel had the chance to sit down with Kirsten Kjaer Weis to talk about her eponymous line and her thoughts about natural beauty:

    Your passion is infectious, what was your motivation for launching Kjaer Weis?

    It was time for a line that brought something new to the table. There was a big open gap in the market for an all natural/organic line, that not only had the most beautiful, non synthetic ingredients, that are actually beneficial for you, but could hold it’s own in terms of performance and outside packaging next to the big conventional lines out there. I was mystified by the normality of buying a conventional make-up product only to find out one is allergic to it,  putting it aside - $40 later - and never questioning the fact that that is not okay.

    Make-up had been left to it’s own devices - it was either one would like performance and would go for conventional lines, or do something good for oneself and buy natural brands and go to health food stores yet would have to compromise in performance or packaging. My mission was to create a line with no compromises attached, the same emphasis has been put on ingredients, performance and design.

    How would you describe the type of face that you do?

    I like to do as natural looking a face as possible when it comes to the skin. I am a huge fan of "less is more" in that regard; let the skin be seen, not covered up in a pasty mask. I like creamy textures that give life to the skin, both for the foundation but also for the blush. With our products one can create a natural glow, a “just coming back from a holiday" kind of look which I love.
     For eyes and lips, I like the woman to shine through, whether that be through her beauty being brought out with natural shades or a lip that pops or smoky eyes. I like it all, but my holy grail in make-up is beautiful skin.

    What advice would you give somebody who would like to switch from conventional cosmetics to organic?

    One step at a time. My first choice would be to change your lip stick/balm to an all-natural, as one will “eat” it off the lips, so it makes sense not to have synthetic or chemical ingredients be part of the ingredients list. After that, foundation is an important product to change as it covers the entire face, but take it step-by-step.

    Share with us some tips that make Kjaer Weis so special…

    The ingredients are beautiful - the highest quality around - with so many nourishing properties included, besides performing as make-up.
     The colors I feel are truly excellent. My expertise as a make-up artist for over 20 years has taught me what works and what doesn’t work. It’s a curated collection that will make a woman look great, day to night. Our products have modern, workable textures. [They're] easy to apply and they work! The mascara stays put, yet is easy to remove. Our foundation is feather light, yet covers. Our eye shadows have alot of pigment, go on smoothly and stay put throughout the day.

    Your packaging is such a strong part of the collection, what was your inspiration?

    I wanted something sustainable, without looking too sustainable. Design is a huge part of what I love in life. I think what we surround ourselves with matters - consciously or unconsciously. It feeds the soul, whether it be a choice of car, clothes, flowers or packaging. My inspiration was many things from art to shapes in architecture, but I had always been a huge fan of the designs of Marc Atlan and was honored to be able to work with him on my own project. He is genius!

    Where do you think the future of beauty is heading? 

     I think KW is the future of make-up - one more thing to take of your “worry” list. A product that is harm-free and performs and looks great, all at the same time. Once women become aware of this new combination, I truly believe it will be the new demand, new norm.

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