Tatine Black Mission Fig Candle


Tatine Black Mission Fig Candle
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Tatine Black Mission Fig Candle. Handcrafted here in Chicago since 2001 we love Tatine Candles. They describe their vibe as "haunting fragrance compositions rooted in nature. Romantically Rock 'n' Roll." We love their complex flavor profiles that are always seductive and never overly sweet. Black Mission Fig is our best seller - blending herbaceous tagetes, green marigold oil, woody davana oil, sweet sunburnt red fruit and mulberry. 


  • Made in Chicago
  • Approximate burn time, 60 hours
  • Size: 3.5L x 3.5W x 4H inches


About Tatine
All of Tatine products are 100% handmade, right down to the packaging. Each candle is touched at least eight to ten times in the candle-making process before it gets shipped out to the stores, and every step takes time and care. The packaging is hand letterpressed and put together by hand in the studio. It's a true labor of love. All of the candles are made with natural waxes. Tatine uses only soy and beeswax purchased from farmers in the midwest, south, and eastern sea board.

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