LIMBIC Violet Smoke


LIMBIC Violet Smoke
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From our favorite new fragrance collection comes LIMBIC Violet Smoke. Hints of petitgrain and white thyme provide a whimsical introduction, while bold and powdery notes of violet dominate the heart. Violet smoke seductively draws down into a velvety base of precious woods, oakmoss and tonka absolute. Contemporary. Sophisticated. Unapologetically violet.

Sizes and Specifications:

  • 50 ml
  • notes-leather, violet, precious woods


About LIMBIC Fragrances

Our emotional connections to scent and memory are directly linked to our Limbic System, a complex set of neural pathways, connecting our olfactory receptors with higher order regions of the brain. This complex structure—also known as the emotional nervous system—places the power of scent only one synapse away from emotion, memory, and associative learning. LIMBIC Fragrances was born from the idea that individuality and our unique connections to scent should not only be acknowledged, but celebrated as noteworthy encounters. Our unique interpretations are influenced by a multitude of experiences, drawn from both a subconscious and conscious state of mind. Scent is personal, it’s profound, and often times quite


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