Le Feu De L'eau Gris Candle


Le Feu De L'eau Gris Candle
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Last summer during a visit to a very chic NYC showroom we noticed the coolest candle burning on the desk. And it smelled terrific. Initially we were somewhat taken aback by our attraction - as a rule we generally have a "less is more" kind of view when it comes to candle design. But the novelty of the stripes and use of an all wax vessel struck us. We later learned that each Le Feu candle is hand sculpted underwater with a high temperature wax (thus the name's translation "Fire of the Water"). All ingredients are natural with a soy base. The MUSK + SMOKE Gris Version is conjures up woods, musk, vetiver and incense.

Sizes and Specifications

  • Burn time 80 hrs
  • 3.5"x4"
  • 16 oz.


About Le Feu De L'eau
Jo Strettell and Wendy Polish have been friends since 1998. With their knowledge of art, beauty & fragrance they created a high end candle line called LE FEU DE L’EAU, which translates as The Fire Of The Water. Inspired by the “fantasy candle” of the late 60’s. The candles are created without using a mold. They are sculpted with the use of water.



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