Fort Standard Fire Kit


Fort Standard Fire Kit
  • $98.00

Fire is the latest spin-off from Fort Standard's Life is Precious Survival Kit. Machined from a solid bar of Brass in Queens New York, this waterproof Fire kit contains strike anywhere matches and a cotton ball in the cap for tinder. The canister is engraved with “Fire – Light & Warmth – Strike on bottom” instructing the user to use the roughened bottom of the canister as the striker. Our first batch delivered during the holidays sold out in a day. And like all of the creations from this very savvy Brooklyn based design house - you're sure to fall in love with the well thought out small details which define the line's style.

About Fort Standard
FS is the product line of Fort Standard, a New York based contemporary design studio founded by Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings in 2011.   Their collaborative work explores the relationship between material and process to bring functional objects into people's homes.  

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