Drink Pink: A Celebration of Rose


Drink Pink: A Celebration of Rose
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Who isn't in love with Rosé? But like so many passions - do we ever really understand the object of of obsession? We're here to help. Learn more about one of the most popular - yet misunderstood wines—in this full-color guide. Penned by award-winning sommelier Victoria James, this adorable little book is filled with advice on which producers to try, fun information on how it’s made, and a collection of recipes to wet your whistle.


About Victoria James

In this enchanting book, author, sommelier, and restaurant-professional Victoria James offers a spirited look at where rosé comes from and how it’s made, and provides expert insight on what bottles to try (and what bottles to absolutely avoid). She also provides easy traditional and seasonal recipes using this versatile, flavorful wine.

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