Barebones 10" Skillet, Crock & Trivet Set


Barebones 10
  • $148.00

Cooking and caring for cast iron has never been easier than with this skillet and crock kit. Inside you'll also find a tube of locally mixed oil to season the pans, a stainless steel cleaning mesh - all adorably stacked atop a handmade wood serving trivet. Cast Iron is the go to resource for chefs in the know - suitable for pan frying chicken or baking a skillet of corn bread. And as the surface "seaons" through time and use it becomes naturally non-stick. 
Sizes and Specifications:
  • 11.40 x 10.20 x 6.95"
  • limited lifetime warranty
About Barebones Living
Appreciating the quality, design and uniqueness of Barebones products requires understanding the 'why' behind our product development. Before Barebones was founded in 2012, our first products were imagined, designed and developed to support our Founder's global humanitarian efforts and passion to help people provide for their own basic needs.

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