• Top Beauty Trends This Spring


    Even though it seems like it has taken an eternity, the warm breeze of spring has finally found us.

    With that, we all switch out our coats and overhaul our closets. In the apothecary world, I love a new regime and freshness in beauty. At space519 we always embrace the healthier side of the industry, with most of our partners being organic, natural and clean, but that does not mean one has to forsake the hottest trends. Here are some of my favorites that you will find at space519.

    1. The Angelic Glow

    One of the many lessons I have learned from Rose Marie Swift, of RMS fame, is that glowing, dewy skin looks younger, and matte dry skin reads older….
    This season that is even more true with the launch of GOOP skincare. Here is is as important prepping the skin as to what you are putting on it. I am a fan of layering GOOP’s Enriching Face Oil with a dab of James Read Day Face Self Tanner as an all over moisture base. Letting that sit for a minute, then layering on GOOP Day Moisturizer with a smudge of Kjaer Weis Foundation, to give you a sheer moment of coverage. Let that dry for a second, than work RMS Luminizer on the cheekbones for that angelic glow. Follow up with a light pink cheek dusting to solidify the look!

    2. The Strong Lip

    This past season we have seen the resurgence of the statement lip color on the runways. This trend can definitely be seriously taken into daily life. This time you can still get the boldness but in a guilt-free, organic form. Paired with the sun-kissed face from above, I am obsessed with RMS’ new do-everything product, Master Mixer as a highly golden lid color. My favorites are the new SPF15 Kokomo from ILIA Beauty and Kjaer Weis’ Rapture. Both of these are a great way to nail this with the brooding berry tones of the season.

    3. Natural Volume Hair

    With the beauty industry leaning towards a prettier, natural feeling, the hair world is not far behind. What feels fresh and new is the un-forced trend in hair. Take your natural state, it being curly, wavy, etc. and embrace that element. The key here is to create luxurious, healthy looking hair that has movement, bounce and sheer. Not to sound like Prell commercial, we have been straightening, blowing and singeing our hair for so many seasons, so now it is time to give it a little TLC. Start with de-toxifying your hair with the organic Volume Shampoo & Conditioner from Rahua Beauty. Majeed form Rahua tells us that it takes two weeks for the hair to fully detox and clarify when using his regime. To get that full, bouncy feel, we love David Mallett’s Hair Serum to start and his Spray no.2 Le Volume to finish. You can’t go wrong with these two amazing lines!

    4. Everything is coming up Rosy . . . 

    With the return of pretty, there is embrace of all things girly. Not only did we see this color in collections for spring, but we smelled it in our beauty appointments as well. This time around Rose has a more modern (not your grandmother’s perfume) feel. First, we started to see this in the nail polish world with Jin Soon’s Tea Rose color, which she used in the latest Miu Miu ad campaign. The pretty nail color felt fresh and light on shorter nails. Then we experienced it in the straightforward fragrance of French perfume line, Mollinard’s Rose. Done in a one note fashion, this scent felt new and elegant. For an easier take away option we are always fans of go-to organic fragrance line MCMC’s Kept. Layered with  black tea, leather & clove, this roll-on oil is an easy way to see how pretty you can get…..

  • Jim Wetzel's 5 Favorite S P A C E 519 Spring Essentials.

    We had the chance to sit down with our favorite fashion forecaster - our own Jim Wetzel - to find out what he is feeling for spring.

    "Ladies - it’s that time of year again, when you (gladly) put away your wools, tweeds and cashmeres and (happily) break out your cottons, chiffons and silks. Sometimes the weather does not always agree with that move - forcing our hand in figuring out how to make the transition. When buying collections one of the mindsets we always carry at space519 is the sense of versatility. Can this piece take you from day to evening, chilled winds to sunny days, and heels to sneakers? Here are some of my current faves at space519 that can put some SPRING in your STEP!

    1. Atea Oceanie High Slit Dress in Flame

    "When we saw this dress in Paris from Atea Oceanie, I thought it felt SO fresh. The ease of the cut, the liquidity of the fabric and the unexpected side slits… To top it off you have this amazing red that reads strong, powerful and sexy, yet being such an easy piece. I love the versatility of this either dressed up with a thin sky-high heel for a new take on cocktail, or back to a sleek tennis shoe for weekday dinner."

    2. Jil Sander Navy Techo Taffeta Anorak in Army

    "In Chicago we love our coats, and are seen in them more so than not. I am always on the hunt for outerwear that feels new, cool and can switch between many seasons. Here Jil Sander Navy gave us this amazing nylon taffeta version of the army anorak. The way they created the bottom ruffle gives this utilitarian coat a feminine twist. I love the way this jacket delivers a luxurious take on a tough staple. Wear it today and take it all the way into Fall with a fur vest as a liner. Versatility at its finest!"

    3. Rachel Comey Legion Pant in Indigo

    "For a long time we have not had any excitement in the denim world - that is until now. Rachel has created the cool-girl’s answer to jeans in her Legion Pant. Done here in a washed indigo, as well in a light salt color, the higher rise and wide leg can go dressed or dressed down. I particularly love this piece worn with a simple fitted crewneck sweater and a killer statement heel. High meets low in the most chic mash-up."

    4. Trademark Sorrento Bucket Bag

    At space519 we are always on the hunt for the perfect bag, bags are something that our clients look to for fashion as well as function. When this bucket bag from NYC’s Trademark came along we knew it was spot on for our ladies. I love the combo of luggage leather tan and suede in a new feeling cage style. Able to hold a day’s worth of necessities, as well as looking wildly chic, this satchel will take on the sands of time. The classicism Trademark delivers in this bag will take anyone through many seasons to come."

    5. Pamela Love Levitation Lariat

    "Lately I feel there is a bit of a shift in jewelry. What really feels new is the whispery, languid pieces that are a slight and simple. Here Pamela Love delivers a sexy, barely there lariat that can be worn easy for day with a button down and jeans, or amp it with a daring neckline. I love the silver and Iolite combination that just has a glint of shine against the skin. This modern, simple piece delivers a statement that feels just as important as the statement necklaces of yesterday."

    That's a wrap for this week - more soon.


  • Top Fashion Week Trends

    "Before we head off to Paris for more buying -  I wanted share some key fall trends we spotted at New York Fashion Week. Not to worry - all will be present in our stores starting late summer." 
    "The Turtleneck Dress - I think this trend is for sure stemming from the 70s resurgence that was all over this season. For this piece it is all about oversized long to the floor dressing with cool details like a drop shoulder or a detachable neck. Look for two great versions at space  - one a from A Détacher done in chunky angora and the other a bit more refined in a flat weave from Apiece Apart."
    "The Katharine Hepburn Pant - the love of pants keeps going strong - this fall with a nod to Katharine Hepburn. The waist line rises as the leg widens in this season's version. Two favorites are the nubby wool plaid pair from Trademark and the deco inspired pen stripe from Derek Lam."
    "The Prairie Print - another omnipresent trend was small floral prints. Many of them seemed a bit too kooky to us - but 10 Crosby got it right with a sophisticated micro floral that felt more modern. Two solid versions layer together in their tiered silk rayon ruffle dress."
    "Chunky Homespun Knits -in general knits are always a staple for our clients. This season it gets really exciting with artisanal versions that are full of interesting details - intricately woven with chunky yarns. Most are in fact done by hand. In fact a favorite version from ElevenSix takes eighty hours to
    complete - each piece knitted by women working in their homes in South America."
    "The Choker Collar - to be honest we have recently seen a huge swing in what people are responding to with jewelry. Out with the busy colorful rhinestone statement necklace and in with more modern sleek stylings a la Celine. The Choker Collar embodies this shift. Clean and architectural with just the right amount of edginess. Eddie Borgo delivers his sexy bold take with the Gold Safefty Clasp style - which are already showing up on all the right necks this season."
    "This is just a taste of what is to come. Stay tuned to Instagram this week to see what we are finding in Paris."  

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