• April 2018 Chicago Magazine | Controlled Clutter

    In their Lake View apartment, Jim Wetzel and Lance Lawson mix clashing styles-and make it work. 

    Though their store, SPACE 519, deals in prim modern housewares and clothing, life and business partners Lance Lawson and Jim Wetzel are masters of cacophony at home. Their newly renovated Lake View apartment is a whirl of contrasting styles carefully crafted into a balanced mosaic. As they prepare to open Space 519’s new Chestnut Street location this month, the couple walk us through their living room.

    1. “Pick some themes and go with them,” says Lawson. Here, those include plants and animals (note the dog figurines atop the brass ram’s head coffee table).

    2. The pair constantly add objects from estate sales and their travels. “It keeps the conversation evolving,” says Lawson. The circus of high and low combines midcentury tchotchkes like these ceramic horse and jockey bookends with wares from Target and Crate & Barrel. “The room is approachably formal,” says Lawson. “We use it, so it has to be comfortable.”

    3. Lawson and Wetzel went for a “1950s country club chic” vibe that began with this vintage love seat upholstered with fabric depicting a British hunting scene. That cemented the palette for the room: red, green, and pink with flashes of ebony and brass.

    4. “When you have a lot going on, you need to layer the whole room,” says Lawson. They threw a cheetah-print cowhide over their rug, paired an American shell-back chair from the ’40s with a Chinese garden stool, and matched the Mexican horse bookends with a stool upholstered in Tibetan fabric.

    5. The Victorian mirror reflects Lake Michigan from the 14th floor, making the room look bigger. “There’s no TV, and that’s deliberate,” says Wetzel. Instead, the fireplace takes center stage at their cocktail parties.

    By Heidi Mitchell  

  • April 2018 Modern Luxury | Men of the Moment

    Modern Luxury | Men of the Moment | Lance Lawson and Jim Wetzel

    On April 5, SPACE 519, the boutique that Lawson and Wetzel own, is moving from its space inside the 900 North Michigan Shops to a street-front store just blocks away at 200 E. Chestnut St.
    The new location will have coffee and a lunch cafe in addition to its already impressive curated collection of women's fashion, gifts, home decor, men's accessories and apothecary.



    "Obviously the new store allows us to take certain areas of the business and expand them, like home and apothecary and women's  - all in a great way - but we also want people to know that we're keeping the basic business model the same. You'll recognize your favorite brands and we're keeping our target price points but we also have the change to do some new things. The one we're most excited to announce is that  this fall we'll be rolling out a private label that will start with five pieces all made with Italian cashmere. They'll all be very travel-ready, and you'll  be able to mix and match everything. They're pieces our clients have been asking for but that we could't find in the markets, so we went out and made them ourselves."



    "We've always had a vision of a full-blown European concept store like Colette or Merci that includes a cafe, but the old space wasn't conducive to that. So moving allows us to fulfill our concept by adding food, a coffee program and outdoor seating. We're even doing the menu ourselves. We're both big food enthusiasts, and we went to California last year to explore what's creative and light, and also seasonal and fresh. We're getting an expresso machine from Italy that literally costs as much as a small car! We like having a space where we can do our total vision and create and experience for our clients. It's really exciting for us to be able to choose every single thing, from the products to the wallpaper. Everything you touch in this store will be us."

  • Modern Luxury Magazine Feature

  • Home Sweet Home : Sneak Peek Spring 2018

     As we put the finishing touches on our expanded home department, within our new Flagship opening April 5, we wanted to share some of our favorite finds from our buying trip to New York earlier this month.

    Let's take it from the Top . . .

    1 - The William Table Lamp It's for sure super hip to be square with this table lamp. We love how the hard edges of the marble base are softened by the conventional roundness of the shade (which is gold lined as an extra nice bonus). William possesses just the right mix of tradition and modernism. And although marble is a huge home trend right now - we know you'll love this one forever. 

    2 - Copenhagen Candle Holder. We're so excited to bring the legendary home line Georg Jensen into the mix at our new Chestnut location. Jensen (and his firm) have always been someone we look to for inspiration. This over-sized pillar candle holder is certainly swoon worthy. I literally almost gasped when I saw it. The piece is sure to make a big statement where ever goes. One will be installed in our living room pronto.

    3 - Cache Pots in Brass. It seems like the latest home accessory craze is alive. I mean literally. The houseplant is back from the 70s (thankfully without a pet rock in tow). And every great plant needs a great vessel. These from U.S. based design firm Hawkins New York more than fill that bill. And they have a bit of 70s glamour as well. And if living home accessories make you nervous - you can always throw some of your cooking utensils into one for a chic kitchen look. You can keep a wooden spoon alive, right?

    4 - Memo Water Bottle with Leather Sleeve. You thought this was a hip flask, right? Well scale can be deceiving. It's actually the size of a lap top and in meant to hold enough water to keep you hydrated all day. These guys raised a boat load (no pun intended) of cash on kick starter for their line of seek refillable water containers. The slim size allows them to tuck ever so neatly into your briefcase or tote bag. And the leather case makes the whole thing incredibly handsome. 

    5 - Chrome Alligator Box This guy is a bit of a rerun because he was so beloved in the shop last fall. Maybe it is our nostalgia for the Lacoste shirts we wore as kids. Or maybe it is just a general fondness for any alligator that isn't real enough to snap your arm off. It's hard to say. But it's easy to see the appeal of this guy. He looks oh so cool on any dresser or console. Shiny and alluring. And it's up to you what precious cargo goes inside. 

    6 - Angelpoise Type 75 Desk Lamp - Margaret Howel Sea Grass Edition. We started this post with a lamp and we will end with one as well. But this one is for your desk. This light for sure casts a bit of mid-century glamour - can't you just see it in one of those smoky offices at Sterling Cooper Draper Price? And like Lane Price this one is very British. Anglepoise is a UK heritage lamp maker and this was their first product - Type 75 desk lamp.  Thank London based designer Margaret Howel for the perfect green hue of this limited edition. And you open our office door in the new Chestnut space you'll see three of these puppies lined up along our common desk top. 


  • SPACE 519 Featured in Crain's

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