• April 2018 Modern Luxury | Men of the Moment

    Modern Luxury | Men of the Moment | Lance Lawson and Jim Wetzel

    On April 5, SPACE 519, the boutique that Lawson and Wetzel own, is moving from its space inside the 900 North Michigan Shops to a street-front store just blocks away at 200 E. Chestnut St.
    The new location will have coffee and a lunch cafe in addition to its already impressive curated collection of women's fashion, gifts, home decor, men's accessories and apothecary.



    "Obviously the new store allows us to take certain areas of the business and expand them, like home and apothecary and women's  - all in a great way - but we also want people to know that we're keeping the basic business model the same. You'll recognize your favorite brands and we're keeping our target price points but we also have the change to do some new things. The one we're most excited to announce is that  this fall we'll be rolling out a private label that will start with five pieces all made with Italian cashmere. They'll all be very travel-ready, and you'll  be able to mix and match everything. They're pieces our clients have been asking for but that we could't find in the markets, so we went out and made them ourselves."



    "We've always had a vision of a full-blown European concept store like Colette or Merci that includes a cafe, but the old space wasn't conducive to that. So moving allows us to fulfill our concept by adding food, a coffee program and outdoor seating. We're even doing the menu ourselves. We're both big food enthusiasts, and we went to California last year to explore what's creative and light, and also seasonal and fresh. We're getting an expresso machine from Italy that literally costs as much as a small car! We like having a space where we can do our total vision and create and experience for our clients. It's really exciting for us to be able to choose every single thing, from the products to the wallpaper. Everything you touch in this store will be us."

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