• Top Fashion Week Trends

    "Before we head off to Paris for more buying -  I wanted share some key fall trends we spotted at New York Fashion Week. Not to worry - all will be present in our stores starting late summer." 
    "The Turtleneck Dress - I think this trend is for sure stemming from the 70s resurgence that was all over this season. For this piece it is all about oversized long to the floor dressing with cool details like a drop shoulder or a detachable neck. Look for two great versions at space  - one a from A Détacher done in chunky angora and the other a bit more refined in a flat weave from Apiece Apart."
    "The Katharine Hepburn Pant - the love of pants keeps going strong - this fall with a nod to Katharine Hepburn. The waist line rises as the leg widens in this season's version. Two favorites are the nubby wool plaid pair from Trademark and the deco inspired pen stripe from Derek Lam."
    "The Prairie Print - another omnipresent trend was small floral prints. Many of them seemed a bit too kooky to us - but 10 Crosby got it right with a sophisticated micro floral that felt more modern. Two solid versions layer together in their tiered silk rayon ruffle dress."
    "Chunky Homespun Knits -in general knits are always a staple for our clients. This season it gets really exciting with artisanal versions that are full of interesting details - intricately woven with chunky yarns. Most are in fact done by hand. In fact a favorite version from ElevenSix takes eighty hours to
    complete - each piece knitted by women working in their homes in South America."
    "The Choker Collar - to be honest we have recently seen a huge swing in what people are responding to with jewelry. Out with the busy colorful rhinestone statement necklace and in with more modern sleek stylings a la Celine. The Choker Collar embodies this shift. Clean and architectural with just the right amount of edginess. Eddie Borgo delivers his sexy bold take with the Gold Safefty Clasp style - which are already showing up on all the right necks this season."
    "This is just a taste of what is to come. Stay tuned to Instagram this week to see what we are finding in Paris."  

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