• Plant Planet Installation at SPACE 519

    Upon a recent scouting trip to Brooklyn we came across the work of Los Angeles based artist Claire Nereim. When we first spotted her work we found ourselves instantly drawn to the calculated simplicity and bold color contrast of her botanical prints. This is especially apparent in the Poison print - with its dark pallet and ironic beauty.

    An acclaimed fine artist, Claire lives and works in Los Angeles. Born in Chicago in 1981, she received her BA from Oberlin College and her MFA from CalArts in 2011. In her work she investigates conventions of making meaning, and the relationship between art, design, and the body. Plant Planet is her way of delivering art in an affordable and accessible manner.

    We also love the fact that Claire makes all of the prints by hand in a small screen-printing studio in her apartment. And they are all printed on recycled paper with non-toxic inks. However the "green-ness" of her process in no way diminishes the final output. The color in the prints is striking and the paper feels gorgeous. 
    These works of art are priced to be an affordable gift. Wouldn't you love to receive these flowers as a host present?. The prints work equally well in many different design settings. Their abstract nature makes them feel very modern. Yet the colors and subject matter  lend themselves to a traditional settings as well. What a great way to perk up a kitchen wall or integrate some joy into the decor of your lake house.
     Swing by the shop and see all the prints in the installation. They are all in stock and  range from $45 to $195. The prints are also available in a framed and matted version for an additional cost.

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