space519 carries a wide array of fun pick-up items; including unisex accessories, books (on subjects including travel, humor, interiors, fashion, architecture, and cooking), inspired case-goods, small art objects and an ever-changing assortment of gifts.


aero by thomas o’brien

Book-cover-700x806we are huge fans of thomas o’brien at space519 and his pioneering work in reshaping how americans think about vintage and industrial furnishings as a part of everyday life. much of what we define as our “happy modern” aesthetic is derivative of his work. accordingly we are super excited to stock his new book aero – a follow-up to american modern, which has been a consistent best seller for us through the years. aero celebrates 20 years of the famed aero design studio - with an intimate look at its founder thomas o’brien’s design philosophy.  from o’brien’s vivid reminiscences about his early days in art school in manhattan to the opening and development of his paired studio and store, aero covers the history and aesthetic of this soho, new york, landmark. the studio is where o’brien formulated the “warm modern” look that first brought him to prominence – though his style is truly about finding modern and classic forms in many things: downtown’s industrial and artistic loft culture, the luxurious elegance of the prewar city uptown, and the essential simplicity of american country antiques and rural living. showcasing never-before-seen images of the store through the years, o’brien’s first homes, soho lofts he has designed, and aero’s signature refurbished vintage furniture, this book gives readers access to the archives of a working design studio and store. aero is a rare, rich portrait filled with unvarnished and charming honesty. aero (abrams publishing) – $36.95


the taste of america

the taste of americawhat does america taste like? all is revealed in this simply irresistible celebration of the best food made in the USA. this new compendium from phaidon books coming into store this month. in its pages you’ll discover that from alabama to wisconsin, and everywhere in between, america has an immense, multicultural and regional history of food and drink – commercial and artisanal, decadent and virtuous, silly and sublime. and all are delightfully represented in this one-of-a-kind publication. it is not a cookbook – instead it is a culinary anthology which features 250 exceptional products hand-picked by award-winning food writer colman andrews. the book is filled with america’s eating essentials;  from humboldt fog cheese to junior mints, from beef jerky to blue point oysters, from black walnuts to peaches, and from maple syrup to whoopie pies. structured by chapters which are organized according to food type – including snacks, dairy, condiments, beverages, meat, baked goods. and a description further fleshes out each products -revealing their unique history and production methods. with 125 color illustrations, and an extensive index with directory of producers providing details of how to buy or order each product, this book is a serious must-have for any self described foodie. the taste of america (phaidon press) – $29.95


areaware iphone docking station

areaware iphone5 dockeverything old is new again. with this cool home accessory new iPhone5 technology meets the old “flip-Time” alarm clock you grew up with in the 70s and 80s. we became intrigued by this clock at the NYIGF a few years ago and they have been a well selling staple at space519 ever since.  designed by jonas damon this iPhone alarm dock is made of sustainably harvested new growth beech wood. place an iPhone or iPod touch running a flip-clock app (available as a free download on their web site) onto the dock, and see an iconic and meaningful form return to your nightstand, mantel, or shelf.  your iPhone or iPod’s dock connector can be pulled through the clock allowing your device to recharge while you sleep.  the dock works with all iPhone versions and now comes in the original natural wood finish as well as an assortment of glossy colored versions. we are especially loving the orange model shown. areaware natural wood iPhone alarm clock - $39.95  


julius schulman: chicago mid-century modernism

Julius-Shulmanback in stock, this book remains one of our best selling titles. new and vintage photography of chicago and its suburbs – america’s modernist architectural mecca. as a visionary artist who has achieved worldwide fame,  noted photographer julius shulman has transformed architectural photography. from his earliest photographs to those taken today, his work demonstrates a profound sensitivity to and appreciation for the spaces in which people live. these spaces, as seen through his lens, are at once luminous and profoundly shadowed. this volume focuses exclusively on shulman’s chicago work. it is america’s first city of architecture, and its modern aesthetic is the ideal subject for shulman’s lens. featured are the elegantly modern minsk house, designed by keck & keck in 1955; the 1960 burton frank house, a mid-century modern gem; architect harry weese’s inspired modernist home and studio of 1957; and many other modern masterpieces. the book contains 208 pages of photograph’s of and facts about some of america’s most iconic mid-century residences. julius schulman: chicago midcentury modernism (rizzoli international – $60.00)


illesteva eyewear

illestiva capri tortoisefresh from their CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist nomination, illesteva has released a fresh new batch of fun summer sunnies. found on some of the world’s coolest faces, this boutique sunglass collection was founded in 2009 by daniel silberman and justin salguero. illesteva is handmade in italy, designed in NYC.  the duo work with the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury eye-wear and push boundaries of conventional design by exploring fresh shapes and materials.  their glasses are created in unique forms and made from unexpected materials like acetate, bamboo, wood, titanium and natural buffalo horn. each frame design draws inspiration from the pair’s urban lives and their backgrounds in design, music, fashion, and photography. we’ve had great success with the collection at space519.  our clients are drawn to the high design and terrific style, and all are consistently astounded by the attainable price point.  treat yourself, because each pair comes with the everyday luxury associated with fine italian craftsmanship. check out our latest batch. maybe the next cool face is meant to be yours. illesteva eyewear (prices range from $185 to $295) click to preveiw specific styles



birdkagewe loved these utilitarian chic aprons when we first spotted them at the new york gift fair last winter. fashioned from oil cloth, and all natural cotton, they look and perform great. designer courtney robinson drew on her lifelong love of baking and being in the kitchen, years of design experience, and her editorial fashion positions to for inspiration. she launched birdkage in 2010 with stylish aprons which move seamlessly from the thick of the party to the heat of the kitchen.  sophisticated detailing appears throughout each piece; including natural linens, cotton prints, sailcloth grommets, and blue jean rivets. we also love her similarly styed totes – which are also now in stock at the store. like hoards of  hipsters before her, robinson has staked her claim in brooklyn.  every piece in the collection is holly designed and produced in new york city.  perfect for father’s day, or summer weekend cookuts, these apron are sure to please any bacon loving, craft beer drinking, beard sporting dad. and they are so much cooler than a neck tie.  


her majesty

her majestyin honor of the queen’s diamond jubilee – 60 years on the throne – TASCHEN books celebrates the extraordinary private and public life of elizabeth with her majesty. she was born in 1926, married in 1947, and crowned as queen in 1953. for over six decades she has steadfastly and loyally carried out her duty on behalf of her country (never speaking out of turn or putting her foot in her mouth).  the queen has endlessly traveled the globe, been introduced to every leading icon of the 20th century (including the beatles, marilyn monroe, and JFK), and attended thousands of receptions and state functions while concurrently being a mother to four children.  these photographs cover every aspect of her reign: the early years, coming of age during WWII, becoming a wife, queen and mother, the royal tours, the palaces, the crowds, the weddings, the royal family, the silver jubilee in 1977, and the all later years.  i’m exhausted just writing this – god save her indeed! photographers include cecil beaton, studio lisa, dorothy wilding, karsh, lord snowdon, patrick lichfield, as well as wolfgang tillmans, rankin, and annie leibovitz. according to the publisher “these images have it all: history, politics, glamour, fashion, culture, travel, and, of course, hats.” we love that. and even though she isn’t our queen, we love her majesty too. her majesty – tashen books – $150.


cook it raw

cook it rawnew to our library from phaidon books,  cook it raw tells the story of four unique dinners where some of the world’s most cutting edge chefs came together to explore social, cultural and environmental issues through food.  this group of avant garde chefs first gathered in copenhagen to mark the 2009 climate change summit.  there the first ‘raw’ dinner challenged the chefs to examine the issue of sustainability through food and cooking   this book reveals for the very first time the ‘raw’ collective’s philosophy and their creative culinary endeavors; with contributions from leading food writers and ‘raw’ supporters such as anthony bourdain, jeffrey steingarten and andrea petrini.  the ”cook it raw’” movement’s founder, alessandro porcelli, is the book’s editor.  he lives in copenhagen where he’s the director of the nordic gourmet tour – a successful food events company. the book contains over 400 behind-the-scenes images of the events and an inspiring collection of the chefs’ own recipes, notes and anecdotes. cook it raw is an exclusive window into the world’s most progressive culinary collective.  cook it raw – $49.95 (phaidon press)


aerial chicago 1988

chicago mapat last it has arrived.  after almost 2 years of requests, and a bounty of trials and errors, we have at last replicated the beloved aerial print of chicago which hangs majestically behind our cash-wrap.  the original map was found by us at a local salvage warehouse, after sitting on a dusty shelf for many years.  according to the crew who found it, it came out of the chicago mercantile exchange and was one in a series of aerial shots of  the city.  the original is composed of two gigantic photographs pieced together along the chicago river.  together they create one gigantic image. from afar people often think it is an abstract or a reproduction of a computer motherboard. however upon closer inspection they see that the image is composed of the many landmarks which comprise the city.  it is always fascinating to hear the stories as individuals pick out specific spots on the map and talk about what happened to a particular building or note an area of land which is now a chicago landmark.  we dated the print back to 1988 as it shows cranes atop the building where space519 is located (900 n. michigan avenue ) and the building was completed that year.  we are making 25 of these prints available for sale.  they are reproduced on archival paper in one of the city’s premier print labs. we appreciate everyone’s patience while we came up with a print which we think accurately delivers the majesty and scale of our original.  aerial chicago 1988 (60″ x 60″  on archival paper – unframed or mounted – limited run of 25) $1500.00   mounted versions available starting at $3000. 


alice’s adventures  in wonderland with illustrations by kusama 

alice in wonderlandenter the world of alice in wonderland, and the artwork of yayoi kusama, japan’s most celebrated artist, in this beautiful new edition from penguin books. it seems that the colorful spots of world renowned artist are everywhere these days.  when we were in london scouting for new products last fall, we saw all of selfridges wrapped in her signature dots in honor of her white hot collaboration with marc jacobs and louis vuitton (for more about that see my blog post at  since childhood, kusama has been afflicted with a condition that makes her see spots, which means she sees the world in a surreal, almost hallucinogenic way that sits very well with the wonderland of alice. the artist is also fascinated by childhood and the way adults have the ability, at their most creative, to see things the way children do.  this of course is also a central concern of the alice books, by lewis carroll. the book is colour illustrated to the very highest specifications, with kusama’s images interspersed thoughtfully throughout the text. it was produced in collaboration with the kusama studio, tokyo and gagosian gallery.  it is a remarkable tome for an art lover or anyone who is secretlly a stylish kid at heart.  alice’s adventures  in wonderland with illustrations by kusama - $35.00 (a limited edition)


missoni home candle collection

missoni candlesour apothecary partners at APOTHIA ron robinson have just lauched an incredible candle collaboration with the legendary italian line missoni home. the collection, inspired by italy and its distinct regions, represents a new luxury in interior fragrance and the modern lifestyle epitomized by missoni’s design heritage. the vessels reflect the iconic missoni patterns – from stripes to waves and of course its iconic zigzag.  the project was truly a labor of love, developing the line took rosita missoni and ron robinson over a year.  the scents incorporated in the line include maremma, reminiscent of rich, upturned soil from tuscany and wild thyme, meditteraneo, mixing the aroma of water lapping over mineral rocks with mediterranean lavender and laguna, capturing italian breezes ripe with cypress and night-blooming jasmine. the candle collection also includes monterosa, a fragrance that burns with a sandalwood accent, and bianconero, the missoni home signature scent encased in a black and white vessel.  and like all of APOTHIA’s illuminating cream candles, the collection is developed from a proprietary blend of soy and luxurious ingredients combine with intense fragrance into a creamy balm. each candle includes a wooden coaster/lid and has a 70 hour burn time.  and once the candle is through, you are left with one stylish missoni vessel (think pencils or a small floral arrangement). missoni home candle collection from APOTHIA - $78.00 (11 oz | 312 g)


modernist cusine at home

modernist cuisine at homethe culinary revolution that has transformed restaurant menus around the world is also making its way into home kitchens. nathan myhrvold, chris young and maxime bilet are coauthors of the encyclopedic six-volume set modernist cuisine, which immediately became the definitive reference for this revolution. now myhrvold and bilet have produced a lavishly illustrated guide for home cooks, complete with all-new recipes tailored for cooking enthusiasts of all skill levels. modernist cuisine at home is destined to set a new standard for home cookbooks. the authors have collected in this 456-page volume all the essential information that any cook needs to stock a modern kitchen, to master modernist techniques, and to make hundreds of stunning recipes. the book includes a 230-page, waterproof Kitchen Manual that reproduces every recipe in a separate, portable companion. drawing on the same commitment to perfection that produced the original, this edition applies innovations pioneered by the cooking lab to refine classic home dishes, from hamburgers and wings to macaroni and cheese. with more than 400 new recipes, most with step-by-step photos, that make it easy to bring dining of the highest quality to your own dinner table.  modernist cusine at home – $140.00


field notes – national crop limited edition

field notes national crops editionanother cool arrival from our friends at the chicago based FIELD NOTES COMPANY.  in addition to our regular assortment of thier cool stationary products, we now have the fourteenth limited editon color release – which finds the fine paper company right back at their roots. “the national crop edition” is something new, and at the same time, something old. the field notes brand is based on a long tradition of promotional memo books that, for more than a century, were widely distributed to american farmers by seed, tractor, fence, and other agricultural companies. this season they revisit that heritage with a special box set of six memo books celebrating american farmers and the six leading crops they grow. using seven different paper stocks from the french paper company of niles, michigan the memo books are chock full of information about america’s most popular crops; corn, soybeans, hay, wheat, cotton and sorghum.  the insides feature light-tan lined graph paper. the six memo books are packed in a custom box manufactured box, along with an agricultural map and a lovely embroidered logo patch for your denim jacket, bike bag, or overalls. FIELD NOTES “the national crop edition” boxed set – $23.95


“people i hate” address book

people i hateour first private label item for sure sums up our recent world view.  so many people to hate, so little time.  and this book is the perfect way to organize all of the annoying people in your life into one compact and attractive volume.  the genuine leather cover and gilded binding add a bit of luxury to organizing all that angst.  with handy alphabetic numeric tabs you can easily cross reference and categorize the worst people in your life.  hate them by their first name. deplore them by their last. or maybe just jot them in by their company or most annoying characteristics – it’s all up to you. we have already filled one volume in the few days we’ve had this book in-store and readily moved on to a second.  literally there is no end to the hating.  plus the small pocket sizing is perfect for hating on the go.  as my good freind stated when i first showed her this gem – “fill the book – don’t be in the book.”  well said.   now in it’s third printing this item is here to last. “people i hate” address book - a space519 original – $28.95


where chefs eat 

where chefs eat

just i is a new international restaurant guide published by phaidon press. unlike other guides, their editor didn’t ask critics or foodies to tell them their favorite places to eat, instead he asked the people who know food the best: over 400 of the world’s top chefs. from bargain noodle joints to high-end restaurants; late-night haunts to all-day breakfasts; neighbourhood eateries to destination restaurants, where chefs eat has more than 2,000 personal recommendations for where to eat around the globe. edited by food writer joe warwick, with entertaining reviews, quotes from the chefs and useful maps, it is the perfect guide for the culinary traveller. eater notes “more than 2,000 recommendations from more than 400 chefs. and boy is it an impressive list: david chang, rene redzepi, sean brock, eric ripert, ferran adria, daniel boulud, april bloomfield, and so many more chefs lend their advice in this mammoth of a 700-page guidebook’.”  the book fits perfectly within the library at space519. our biggest conundrum was whether to shelve it with travel or cooking?  where chefs eat – a guide to chef’s favourite restaurants – $19.95 (phaidon press)  


l’originale by merci gustave

eiffel towerjust in from france, our latest round of art objects from merci gustave.  the paris based cooperative offers hand painted, limited edition (each is numbered), art objects which take inspiration from the world’s most iconic objects – like the eiffel tower and the statue of liberty. each has a personality all their own –  the blue and white striped version pictured is in homage to the famed parisian jean-paul. created by designers and artists alike, merci gustave pieces are sold at the world’s coolest stores.  the company also does art installations featuring their designs.  we import their products into space 519 to add a bit of world wise splash to your desk or coffee table.  composed of zinc alloy, every statue is hand crafted in paris and then finished with it’s own unique design.  each measures 12 inches tall and comes in a fabulous gift box with a numbered certificate of authenticity. be sure to stop in and also check out the miss liberty series – which delivers the french take on their most famous gift to america (the statue of liberty – of course).  jean paul l’originale eiffel tower from merci gustave – $128


kinfolk - issue 5

kinfolk coverkinfolk is a quarterly entertaining publication with a serious cult following.  the magazine is an inspired look at simple entertaining which ”feels like home.”  the magazine was created by nathan williams, with a group of friends, after the group decided that there just wasn’t a magazine, blog, or any kind of entertaining resource that resonated with them. they were always making meals together, with college friends, and planning dinner parties.  however these gatherings were never elaborate, nor were they planned much in advance. they wanted an entertaining refernce whcih felt real and attainable. so a few of  them literally sat around a computer and started putting together the magazine.  fresh off the presses, kinfolk - issue five was released on october 2nd and is now available at space519. this autumn issue explores how refining our senses – taste, sight, sound, touch, and smell – enriches the experiences we have with each other. the pages also delve into practical ideas and recipes for entertaining as the leaves begin to fall: herb drying at home, fall camping, meals to take surfing and new seasonal traditions.  over 50 artists contributed personal essays, photographs, paintings, and films to this issue.  kinfolk issue 5 (144 pages, offset-printed, perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper) $18.oo – printed in the USA


style city guides

stylecity - pariswe’ve personally used this series of travel guides for almost a decade. and you can bet that when we head to the fashion markets in london and paris later this month these books will be in our caryy-on. based on this endorsed enthusiasm  were really excited to bring them into space519.  right now we are back in stock with the series and have added additional titles to the collection housed in the space519 library.  broken out in individual city volumes (and one european compendium) this exciting series focuses on the vitality and uniqueness of the world’s greatest cities. each volume is superbly designed and produced, yet ingeniously practical, with lavish photography, easy-to-read maps, and informed and enjoyable texts. the feel like portable art books.  focusing on offbeat cafés and cutting-edge restaurants to the most stylish stores, hotels, and neighborhoods, StyleCity uncovers all the special places where both locals and discerning travelers can find a vibrant urban experience. the guides are divided into two sections: “style traveler” identifies the most memorable places to sleep, eat, drink, shop, and relax; “street wise” divides the city into neighborhoods and provides convenient area maps.  pair one with our favorite red maps and you’ll be sure to have an exquisite experience which replicates the daily life of even the chicest local resident.  style city guides $19.95 to $25.95